PFG05 CAMLogic

PFG05 CAMLogic
Ürün Kodu: PFG05
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PFG05 CAMLogic

This unit, strongly manufactured, is very safe and is particularly designed to be used in conditions of hard work and continuous cycles. Version with male thread 2"1/2 Gas
Construction is made in compliance with the regulations in force in the European Union. 
ATEX certified: Ex II 1/2D T85°C IP65 - TÜV 03 ATEX 2374 X
Technical specifications
Die-cast aluminium casing, protection IP65.
Stainless steel shaft on ball bearings.
Available power supplies: 
V.110/220 a.c. 50/60 Hz.
V.24/48 a.c. 50/60 Hz.
V. 24 d.c.
Use contact capacity: 10 A at 250 V AC.
Output speed (screw shaft): 1,5 rpm.
Maximum operational pressure: 1,1 bar.
Ambient temperature range: -20 to +70°C.
Max. temperature storage bin inside: +80° C.

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PFG05 CAMLogic
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PFG05 CAMLogic