6AV6644-0AB01-2AX0 - SIEMENS

6AV6644-0AB01-2AX0 - SIEMENS
6AV6644-0AB01-2AX0 - SIEMENS
Stok Durumu: İkinci El
Ürün Kodu: 6AV6644-0AB01-2AX0
Stok Miktarı: 1
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Panel Touch screen dokunmatik cam değişimi ve lcd değişimi yapaılabilir.

İkinci el ürünlerde firma garantimiz vardır.

Panel program yedekleme işlemi yapılabilir.


The new part, as of 01.01.2015, is blocked for delivery. Spare part can continue to be purchased as required, but price may deviate from new part. Further information under SIMATIC current entry ID: 109486162. For questions, the familiar contact persons are available to you. SIMATIC MP 377 15" Touch Multi Panel, Windows CE 5.0 15" color TFT display 12 MB configuration memory configurable from WinCC flexible 2007


General information
Customer-specific configuration No
Design of display TFT
Screen diagonal 15 in
Color display Yes
Number of colors 65 536
Resolution (pixels)
● Horizontal image resolution 1 024 Pixel
● Vertical image resolution 768 Pixel
● MTBF backlighting (at 25 °C) 50 000 h
Control elements
Control elements Touch screen
Keyboard fonts
● System keys No
● alphanumeric keyboard Yes
● hexadecimal keyboard Yes
Touch operation
● Design as touch screen Yes; analog, resistive
Connection type
● Type of connection for mouse/keyboard/barcode reader USB / USB / USB
Installation type/mounting
maximum permissible angle of inclination without external ventilation 35°
Supply voltage
Type of supply voltage DC
Input current
Current consumption (rated value) 1.9 A
Active power input, typ. 45.6 W
Type of memory Flash / RAM
Memory available for user data 12 288 kbyte

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6AV6644-0AB01-2AX0 - SIEMENS
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6AV6644-0AB01-2AX0 - SIEMENS 6AV6644-0AB01-2AX0 - SIEMENS