UMG 96 L - Janitza

UMG 96 L - Janitza
UMG 96 L - Janitza
Marka: Janitza
Ürün Kodu: UMG-96-L
Stok Miktarı: Stok Sorunuz
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Teknik veri;

Display selection and autDisplay selection and automatic display rotation

  • Generous LCD display
  • All measured values can be called up in factory setting
  • Measured values that are not required can be hidden and displayed again

Operating hours counter

  • The operating hours counter is active as soon as the device is switched on
  • The time is measured with a resolution of 15 minutes
  • Display in hours mode

Digital outputs for reactive or active energy

  • Transmission of the reactive and active energy via digital outputs
  • The active energy should be assigned to output 1 and the reactive energy to output 2

Digital outputs for threshold values (UMG 96)

  • Digital outputs also suitable for use as switch outputs
  • Programming the digital outputs for threshold monitoring of measurement data
  • Assignment of a measured value (threshold value) per switch output
  • The associated output reacts in response to the value exceeding or dropping below the threshold value
  • Transistor outputs


  • 3-digit password protects against unauthorised changing of the programming and configurations
  • Changes in the following program menus can only be implemented after entering the correct user password
  • Password is not factory-programmed 



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UMG 96 L - Janitza
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UMG 96 L - Janitza UMG 96 L - Janitza