7MF8010-1AG11-1BB1 - Siemens

7MF8010-1AG11-1BB1 - Siemens
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Ürün Kodu: 7MF8010-1AG11-1BB1
Stok Miktarı: Stok Sorunuz
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7MF8010-1AG11-1BB1 - Siemens

Produkt ID 7MF8010-1AG11-1BB1
Produktbeskrivelse SITRANS P Transmitter Compact for pressure and absolut pressure for food, pharmaceu- ticals and biotechnology, with diaphragm flush at front. 2-wire system, process tempera- ture up to 140 deg. Cel., accuracy 0.2 % of f.s.v. output signal: 4...20 mA, Process connection: quick-release connection: connection o.cc.according DIN 11851 with slotted union nut: DN 50 FILLING LIQUIDS: VEGETABEL OIL Output signal : 4-20 mA Housing(stainless steel1.4404)/ electrical connection: housing with angeld plug according DIN 43650, IP65 Measuring range: 0...160 mbar overload pressure: 2 bar Without explosion protection

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7MF8010-1AG11-1BB1 - Siemens
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7MF8010-1AG11-1BB1 - Siemens